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Pilot For A Day

Pilot for a Day

Finally you have the opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted: 
Even fly a plane without starting an education!


First, find a theoretical introduction to the most important things the UL-flying instead. 
Here you will learn how an aircraft generally fly, act the forces on it that there is no „air holes“ 
and much etc more related to aerodynamics, engineering, navigation . 
You will quickly realize that the sport aviation is not for the rich daredevils, but a beautiful and breathtaking 
hobby for everyone. After coffee, it then goes to the trial pilots to the aircraft. 
The outer check is explained and why it is so important. 
There is already seated and buckled. The following is a further briefing on the instrumentation and controls of the airplane. 
Then: headphones on, start the engine, taxiing to the runway. Full throttle and you fly, of course, always supported and supervised by 
an experienced flight instructor beside you. The runway is soon gone, the houses are small and Markgräflerland 
lies at your feet. The initial voltage lies down soon. A slight pressure on the stick makes the plane quietly and confidently in 
the direction you swing. To learn how to fly curves, increases and decreases. As „on the fly“ the time has passed for you and 
it is again thrilling: the landing. With aid of an instructor to find the right approach to the runway and the aircraft will slide 
forward to you the earth gently. A brief flare, supported by the flight instructor, touchdown, light braking and rolling back to the hangar. 
The wide grin and sparkling eyes of pilots days are not to be overlooked. 
The event takes about 3 hours, of which 30 min. spend in the air. 
Who wants to fly longer, it may wish to take away with us.

selber fliegen